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Where are our ropes, slings, chains, and other lifting equipment accessories applied? Quite surprisingly these mysterious actors of the secondary plan can be found in countless places. Especially, where something new arises. Wherever a new reality is being created. Where new buildings, roads, tunnels, bridges, stadiums, subways are bulit or masts and towers are erected. On land and at sea. Above and below the ground. In the construction sector, metallurgical and maritime industry, mining, transport and architecture. Without them, these beautiful and monumental tower cranes known to us from the landscape, or mobile cranes commonly referred to as cranes, indispensable in the collection of vehicles of every boy, are useless as a sewing machine without thread.

We have been supporting these key investments for nearly 20 years safely and efficiently. Our credibility and reputation depend on trust of both investors and business partners, as well as employees. We are honest and trustworthy. We comply with the law. As an employer, we offer an attractive, ambitious job with the prospects of growth and development in various positions.
We do not like stagnation. We constantly set ourselves new goals and consistently strive to achieve them. Year 2013 was supposed to bring a larger machine park, which would make us possible to produce the biggest slings in Poland. This goal was achieved. We wish to end the year 2020 with the opening of at least 5 new company branches and expanding our network of suppliers with other leaders in the industry.



We know how expensive equipmnet downtimes are and how dangerous construction site can be when quick and accurate decisions are required. Our ropes, slings and all lifting equipment are tools designed for dirty and most difficult work. Designed and manufactured so as to maintain the integrity and the highest durability in the toughest conditions. From the beginning, we have been cooperating with leading manufacturers of ropes, lifting equipment and accessories in the world. Their ropes carry roof structures of the largest stadiums of the world, they anchor drilling rigs and equipment responsible for the safety of milions of people.. In our industry, there is no room for errors. Such an assumption does not only help to reduce the risk and ensure a peaceful night’s sleep but also to set aside savings regardless of the size of the investment.



Polsling Laboratory is an independent body. Here, the quality control department carry out braking tests of supplied materials and issue appropriate reports and quality certifications in accordance with DIN EN 10204. Each batch of products undergoes strength tests before it finally reaches the customer.
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The world’s first specially designed and constructed for Polsling, automatically controlled hydraulic arm integrated with the press generating the force of 1250 tons, a weight equal to 300 elephants, forms accurately and quickly loops from wire ropes of diameters up 76 mm.

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We are ready to react anytime in case of failure, sudden need to replace the rope, necessity to carry out a technical or equipment inspection, repair of hydraulic equipment. 24/7 emergency telephone number: +48 601 962 588. Just call and agree on the details.  Read more


The distinctive “polsling” mark on the drum and the “PLG” feature are trademarks of our products. Ropes, slings and accessories marked in such a way are always there when something important to Poland happens. We supply 80 % of companies engaged in ground work during the construction of motorways, express roads, tunnels, train stations and major transportation hubs.
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Zastosowanie lin w architekturze i budownictwie
In architecture, construction and gardens

Our cable assemblies constitute a great superstructure for lightweight roofing covered with membranes or carbon fiber materials. Such type of roofing gives ample opportunities in the modeling of non-standard forms and shapes. As a result, the facility gains a unique character and identity. Rope constructions used in public facilities guarantee safety, longevity but also complement the aesthetic layout. Diameters range from 6 mm to 32 mm.
Polsling cable assemblies are equipped with specialized terminations (sockets) in accordance with EN 13411-8. When applying Crosby sockets the efficiency is 100%. (minimum breaking load – the MBF of of the cable assembly is equal to the MBF of the rope applied).

Smaller diameters and stainless steel assemblies perfectly fulfill their role in gardens as a supporting system for creepers etc…

Heavy equipment without downtime, without loss

Pile drivers, drilling rigs, diaphragm wall grippers are devices that determine the success of the construction. When working continuously, they make money. Specialist ropes, often originally used by manufacturers of machinery, guarantee the comfort and continuity of service, and above all, to minimize the risk of failure and costly downtimes associated with rope replacement. Within 24/7 service, we deliver properly prepared and terminated ropes that meet the highest requirements and standards and are ready for installation together with complete technical documentation to construction sites in the country and Europe.

Palownice i wiertnice
Przemysł morski
The maritime industry

Ropes and slings meet the highest strength requirements as well as standards of international norms such as Det Norske Veritas.
Used on offshore drilling units, dock cranes, transport ships, reloading ports, reloading terminals – wherever there is an aggressive environment, they are well prepared and ensure undisturbed operation.


Nawijarka linowa XL
XL Rope Winding Machine

nawija liny na bębnach drewnianych do 2t

Prasa hydrauliczna 280t
Hydraulic Press 280 t

280 t / clinch

Prasa hydrauliczna mikro
Micro Hydraulic Press

25 t / swages ferrules on rope diameters up to 6 mm

Nawijarka linowa jednoramienna mikro
Micro One-Arm Rope Winding Machine

coiled rope on drums in the roll up to 50kg

Gilotyna hydrauliczna do obcinania łańcuchów
Hydraulic Guillotine for Cutting Chains

Guarantees the highest quality of cutting; it allows to cut the chain precisely.

Gliotyna hydrauliczna do obcinania lin
Hydraulic Guillotine for Cutting Ropes

It guarantees the highest quality of cutting; it allows to cut the rope precisely with no fracturing its internal structures

Prasa hydrauliczna XXL
XXL Hydraulic Press with a Rigging Arm TYPE RA-1250

The first such a system in Europe and the only one in Poland 1250 t / swages ferrules on ropes diameters up to 76 mm



Artur Mucha

Artur Mucha

Chief Executive Officer

Strategist and business practitioner with over 15 years of experience in business management, expert in the selection and use of steel wire ropes in hoist equipment, coordinator of many projects including those related to stadium roofing, coach and consultant. A graduate of the University of Economics in Katowice. He has completed a number of training courses in Poland and abroad. He has been working for Polsling from December 1997, that is since it was established.
“In my work I am committed to the principle: do your best to make your interlocutor acqainted with the full characteristics of the product offered in an interesting and professional way, because only then they will not be attracted by the mediocrity of other offers. Aware customer is our customer. ”

Krystian Adamski

Krystian Adamski

Area Sales Manager Poznań

He graduated from the Silesian School of Management with the speciality of European Company Management. He studied Computer Science in Management and Marketing in Katowice. He has been working for Polsling for over 10 years. His passion are people, in particular direct contact with clients. Thanks to his daily contact with people he derives great satisfaction from work and he does it with passion and commitment. He is happy to take new challenges and each success gives him motivation for further action and development. He values loyalty and honesty. He is interested in history, strategy and sports.

+48 665 157 222


Marcin Smaga

Marcin Smaga

Sales and Technical Advisor

Student of Managerial Psychology in Silesian University of Management in Chorzow. He has recently started work at Polsling’s Sales Department. He really likes challenges and willingly learns different things, what is a great advantage in the corporal work. In private he is fan of psychology, soccer and personal development.
Email me: marcin.smaga@plg.pl
Call me: +48 731 900 161

Artur Ćwiękała

Artur Ćwiękała

Area Sales Manager /Silesia

Aged 35, a graduate of the Silesian School of Management. He has been with Polsling for over 5 years. He advises clients on the selection and use of ropes, slings, and lifting equipment. Privately husband and daddy. In his free time he is a passionate jogger, cooks, travels.
Email me: artur.cwiekala@plg.pl
Call me:  +48 665 157 222

Jakub Łętowski

Jakub Łętowski

Area Sales Manager/ Pomeranian District
He graduated from the Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics University of Gdansk and postgraduate MBA from Gdansk University of Technology.  Over 10 years experience in sales of premium class products. Empathy and listening skills are qualities which are appreciated by his customers. Fan of basketball and ice swimming, moreover happy husband and father.
Call me: +48 731 900 120
Łukasz Jurek

Łukasz Jurek

Production engineer with a degree in Management and Production Engineering in Industry (AGH) and the Managerial European Master’s  (UJK). Responsible for Quality Control he ensures that the goods are manufactured in compliance with the highest world standards and safely supplied to the users. He is interested in modern management and new technologies.
Call me:  +48 731 900 128
Urszula Essa

Urszula Essa

Customer Service Manager

She graduated from the Silesian University in 2007, English Philology Department.
She has worked in education and administration, in homeland and abroad. She has been „hanging” with Polsling from 1st of April, 2014. She coordinates the trading team to assure clients’ satisfaction – and she is good in what she does as customers come back for more and file no complaints! Privately, she is a happy wife and a mther of two daughters. In her free time, an amateur volleyball player and good books’ lover.

Email me: urszula.essa@plg.pl
Call me: +48 601 744 030

Jacek Nowak

Jacek Nowak

Production Department Manager
Karol Kokot

Karol Kokot

Production Department Manager Deputy



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