Alicja w Krainie Stali

It has been a week since I started work at Polsing as a trainee. Student of journalism and social communication exchanged the microphone for bussiness phone, put on the elegant jacket and sat in the front of the computer in the office.

Administrative work, coordinating the circulation of information, contact with clients („living“ part of stuff) and documentary („not living“ – but still irritating – part of stuff) is not so easy, exactly when you have no experience in that. In my life I have done a lot of things: written an articles, made a photos, set up a video materials… but this? How to deal with something that you had never heard about before?

When I was going to Polsling for an interview at the end of the August, I had a lot of doubts. The company offered paid traineeship in the Customer Service Department. I sent CV in which I sincerely wrote that I have no experience in the branch. I didn’t have got hopes for any feedback but they disappointed me positively – I was invited to the headquarter when I had a nice conversation with Coordinator of Customer Service and Office Manager. The same day I was phoned with the information that I can appear in the company the next day in the morning. Hooray!

I came with head full of hopes and misgivings at the same time. Branch of steel, metalurgy and building is for me like magic and terms: „chain slings“, „wheeled crane“ or „shackle“ sounded for me like either spell or curse. Hovewer I thought that stress is not good advisor and I am able to learn something new.

What next? You will know soon!