Through our new website we tell true stories, show actual projects and real people.

Moreover, we will advise on technical matters and to share news from the industry.

From the very beginning we take care of every smallest detail. Today, design is not just a matter of aesthetics but, above all, of the availability, which in is really means usability. Therefore, designers of our new polsling.pl service have monitored your needs and behavior for several months, to prepare a solution that would suit them perfectly. During their studies and interviews, they found out that what really matters for You in the virtual space is, on the one hand, time, meaning a quick access to the most important and necessary information, and, on the other, credibility.

Now, at your fingertips, already on the first page there are our products arranged in groups and accompanied by more detailed information as a pdf file to download or print. We have integrated them with three-dimensional graphics and photographs of the highest quality that literally show the capabilities of our solutions, thus creating a story one does not want to stop following.

At every stage of your visit to the new polsling.pl you can move, go back to your favorite or most needed sections using the classic menu that we have permanently located at the top of our website. It’s a tribute to the regular users who come back to the website to get some new and factual information summarized in the following sections or attached in a pdf format.

Always something new
With the first start we breathed life into our website. And polsling.pl will pulsing with life mainly due to news posted regularly.
In the world of lifting equipment, slings, wire rope, the latest technology and architecture, at any time of the year something extraordinary happens. We will share with you our know-how in the news section. We will advise you on how to choose optimal, low-cost and quality solutions for suspension systems, slings, we will give guidance on the proper handling of ropes and other products to ensure their longevity. We will also share news regarding our surrounding.

Let’s get to know each other
The highest quality of our products and service is mainly due to team of great people. Each Polsling employee performs a very important role and contributes substatntially in its finalization. We based our departments cooperative procedures on the ISO 9001 quality management system, on the basis of which we also adopted the idea of continuous development of each employee. So far, however, we have not always had the chance to meet everyone in person what we are able to do now due to our new website.
We wish you successful visits and please do come back!