Osprzęt zimą

Temperature falling below zero, days getting shorter – just wait till the first snow falls and the winter will begin before you know it. Weather conditions during this period are good on ski slopes, however, at the construction site they can cause damage to our ropes or slings. Snow, low temperatures and high humidity can contribute to severe corrosion visible in the early spring when the snow melts. Therefore, we should prepare ahead.


Not always is there a possibility to secure everything properly for winter. Equipment that is constantly in use will do quite well but the most vulnerable is one which isn’t currently used and is stored in the open air. That is why, after a thorough cleaning and drying all equipment should be put on specially prepared storage shelves, which will prevent accidental damage.


In addition, chain slings can be covered lightly with oil to protect them against corrosion. If we do not have such a possibility, it is important to keep the storage place dry, well-ventilated, under a cover and separated from the ground. If a rope or sling is stored at a construction site then a wooden pallet and a waterproof cover can be used for protection.


Low temperatures up to -40°C do not influence technical parameters of ropes and slings. In the case of ropes, it is important to apply lubricants suitable for low temperatures. Operation below -40 °C should be consulted with the manufacturer.


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