In the current situation of an epidemic threat, we decided to reorganize the work of our plant for the next two weeks, on the following principles:

Customer Service and Sales Department continue to work in a remote mode.
Production Department, Quality Control Department and shipment of goods:

Thursday, March 19
Thursday, March 26

In the event of an emergency, please give us a call to agree an individual action plan: mobile 0048 731 900 128. We hope that we can survive this difficult time without major disturbances.
Thank you in advance for your understanding.


We wish a lot of sun and good rest to those who left for the long May weekend. However, we stay on the battlefield and work  normally from Monday ⬇️

Mon. 29/04 – open 7: 00-15: 00

Tues. 30/04 – open 7: 00-15: 00

Wed. 01/05 – closed

Thur. 02/05 – open 7: 00-15: 00

Fri. 03/05 – closed

black friday

Black Friday is not only discounts on shoes, sweaters and washing machines. But it is also ropes, slings and crane accessories at great promotional prices! Here you can earn a few or a dozen or so! Read more

Szukamy Pracownika Produkcji

Are you a good professional?
Looking for a job?
Need stabilization?
Do you value safety at work?
Want to grow?
Do you like challenges?

Join our team and enjoy the work!
Monday to Friday.
At the weekend, rest and miss the next Monday 🙂

Details and requirements for the position in the link:


Do not hesitate and send us your CV with the current photo (can be selfie) at the site Pracuj.pl or directly at rekrutacja@plg.pl

Kalendarz POLSLING 2017

2017 is our year of Jubilee! For the next 12 months we will celebrate with you our twenty years of business. There will be promotions, news, events … and surprises. Every year you receive our calendar, this time you will get a very special one! There you will find steel, professional products and world best lifting brands in the company of a beautiful model – Monica Gocman, photographed by Matthew Czech. You can browse it here kalendarz_polsling_2017_www


Uruchamiamy OUTLET!  Robimy porządki inwentaryzacyjne i oferujemy promocyjne ceny. Co w outlecie? Liny standardowe i specjalistyczne najlepszych producentów w różnych długościach, w super okazyjnych cenach (końcówki, resztki). Wyprzedajemy też ostatnie sztuki profesjonalnego osprzętu: haki, szakle, końcówki linowe, ogniwa itp. Mamy też zawiesia oraz odciągi w wyprzedaży. Przykładowe produkty i ceny w galerii. Po szczegóły zadzwoń >> 603 709 649 lub napisz handlowy@plg.pl lub po prostu odwiedź nas !
 Read more

Osprzęt zimą

Temperature falling below zero, days getting shorter – just wait till the first snow falls and the winter will begin before you know it. Weather conditions during this period are good on ski slopes, however, at the construction site they can cause damage to our ropes or slings. Snow, low temperatures and high humidity can contribute to severe corrosion visible in the early spring when the snow melts. Therefore, we should prepare ahead. Read more


My dear!
Hereby I am managing, as follows.
Strong YES for rest, sleep and relaxation during Christmas !

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Pierwsze koty za biurka

First days with invoices, orders, confirmations of supplies and other office documents were quite difficult.  Read more