Pierwsze koty za biurka

First days with invoices, orders, confirmations of supplies and other office documents were quite difficult. Some symbols and labels – complicated and impossible to understand and office devices – disobedient and bad-tempered. In addition I had an opportunity to speak to our suppliers from France, United Kingdom and Germany (during these conversations you really forget all words in English, no matter how long you have been learning this language). However everyday I keep on learning new things. They seemed difficult the previous day, and now start to be more understandable.

The best in Polsling? For sure the atmosphere. It is not the cliche – people here like each other and you can see that. Team is cooperative, bosses are tolerant and colleagues really helpful. If you don’t know something, you can just ask – you always get answer or advise… even if you ask about the same for the tenth time :).

At the moment Polsling company is looking for the trainees to the Sales Department, Production Department and Quality Control Department. You should send your application to the rekrutacja@plg.pl. If you don’t have any experience, i tis not a problém – in Polsling they know that everybody started from scratch and they give a chance. Sending CV costs nothing and it could turn out that building branch is something for you. I tis never too late to realize what the hell welding the endings of ropes inco a cone with a induction stream is ;).