The distinctive “polsling” mark on the drum and the “PLG” feature are trademarks of our products. Ropes, slings and accessories marked in such a way are always there when something important to Poland happens. We supply 80 % of companies engaged in ground work during the construction of motorways, express roads, tunnels, train stations and major transportation hubs.

Some investments that change Poland and whose realization are time-consuming and expensive require the highest quality with the lowest budget. Polsling’s equipment is a perfect and optimal solution to such tasks. Our ropes, slings and machines have been used in the following undertakings:
– ground works to build the A4 motorway, section Krakow-Rzeszow,
– building the Silesian Gallery next to the train station in Katowice,
– rebuilding the Dead Wisła in Gdansk,
– building the amphitheatre roof in Mragowo which is the supporting structure,
– building the second subway line in Warsaw.